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BPP 4/26/2013: I've taken a look at porting this library to WinRT and I think it may not be a good fit considering the apparent needs for UI virtualization, async optimization, and keeping up with a codebase that may be changing a lot every year-on-year (e.g. Windows Blue.) So, my plan at the moment is to stay focused on WPF Composites (which can still run on the Windows 8 Desktop) while foregoing any WinRT Composites.

However, I will mention in regards to WINRT, that I am intrigued by the concept of making IParents into Actors ala the Actor Framework for Windows Azure? This could, perhaps, make for a durable UI persisted both on the client (rooted in a Window) and in the cloud (not rooted but merely storing the UI object graph in memory) . . .

BPP 10/28/2013: actually, with the addition of SkyDrive in Windows 8.1, perhaps, the fastest path to persisting in the cloud is merely using plain old file storage for Windows Store Desktop Apps while automatically backing up said files to said cloud--SkyDrive?

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