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To-Do List

If you would like to suggest any new features not on this list, please contact me via the People tab or add a thread on the Discussions tab? Also, if you'd like to help, please contact me to pitch in . . .

Functionality On-Deck
1. Reminder: write-up documentation for Demo App Menu Service and Tab Control Service. Also, I really need to streamline these. (Luckily, there is typically no need for File Menu or Tab Items in WPF-CPS single page applications. The sweet spot for WPF-CPS is typically smaller desktop tools or apps?)
2, Version 6.0 could focus on more dialogs, static convenience methods for themes, and more helper methods overall, such as Load/Retrieve and FindByKey. Also, more support for searching and selecting.
3. I need help. This has been a monumental effort and I am losing steam without support and/or positive feedback/encouragement from the .NET community :-)

2. Working on a new release that will make all events added via WPF-CPS be Rx Observables. This enables better leveraging of the Rx library within WPF-CPS . . . even likely with ready ability to compose Observables from existing events on composites, children, parents, etc. This will likely be my Release 5.0. DONE!
Currently working on a larger F# demo app using WPF-Composites: AddressBook App. DONE!
Need to provide better performance via Data and UI Virtualization, particularly for the ListBox and DataGrid. Started working on an example with 39,000 records.DONE! (See WPF Composites Contrib.)

5. Provide a little better parity between TextBlock and Label. TextBlock currently has more support (but just for a single Inline Run)
6. Provide ReplaceAtXY method? This could prove tricky for something like DockPanel? Re-add elements?
7. Provide RemoveAtXY method
8. Provide AddAnyAtZIndex or AdornAtXY methods?
9. Provide SubscribeAnyEventByRow and ByColumn?
10. Provide Setmouseovercolor by row col?
11. Support for Adding Images via ByteArray parameter?
12. Support for Printing
13. Add FlatDesign style - a style similar to Windows 8.
14. Maybe add support for animated comic strip, similar to animated GIFs, flipping thru images?

Add New IParents?
New IParent-UniformGrid as an IParent. (Just added UniformGrid as a Composite 4/20/2013)
New IParent-Viewport? Viewport3D?
New IParent-StatusBar or Slider?
New IParent-RadialPanel?
New IParent-PathPanel?
New IParent-TextBlock with Inline Runs as children
New IParent-FlowDocumentScrollViewer (to wrap text around an image)?
New IParents- more Extended WPF Toolkit™ Community Edition controls - Zoombox, DropDownButton
New IParent- Fluent Ribbon as an IParent? It might dovetail with WPF Composites?
New IParent-AvalonDock as an IParent? Another project that may dovetail with WPF Composites?
New IParents for eight controls called the WPF Bag O’ Tricks download? It includes the following controls: AnimatingTilePanel, ColorPicker, InfoTextBox, ListPager, NumericUpDown, Reveal, TransitionsPresenter, TreeMapPanel. Add support for these too?
New IParent for TreeMap?

1. Add More Error Handling / WPFComposite Exceptions
2. Improve sorting and filtering. I have recently added some extended support for sorting but could always be better and faster . . .
3. Review Style based-on?
4. Support for WPF Validation Rules and IDataErrorInfo, etc. rather than just AdornerDecorator?
5. Support for other WPF native concepts such as Triggers? Styles? Animations? 3D? Templates? Resources?
6. Support for setting/changing disabled colors for controls, e.g. listbox - myListBox.IsEnabled = false; Can likely just leverage events and selectors for the time being?
7. Provide SetAtKeyXY method? Currently, just get a handle to it after it has already been added to the Composite and set the property explicitly without using Settings.
8. Provide SetattachedpropertyByKeyAtXY at x-y coordinates; perhaps, for this cases developers should just get the particular Border/Child and just update it individually at runtime?
9. Provide helper methods for Document for RichTextBox
10. Support for Drag-and-Drop?
11. Support for DrawingImage, DrawingBrush, and Geometries? Viewport? I've added CreateImageBrush, CreateGeometryBrush (which puts a GeometryDrawing in a DrawingBrush), and .AddGeometry . . .
12. Maybe add overloaded methods to Selector to allow returning IEnumerable<T> instead of only List<T>

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