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With Version 4.3.0., this code library has now gone Beta.
Current platform is Windows 7 with .NET 4.0, OR Windows 8 (Win32 desktop) with .NET 4.0.

On the Windows 8 desktop, the legacy Win32 side, I had to tweak things a small bit to work well, so if you are downloading the solution code and wish to compile the Demo App on your own follow these tips:
(1) when you add the reference to PresentationFramework.Aero.dll in the solution, make sure to set Copy Local to True,
(2) use Configuration Manager to set the target platform to x86 since that's what I targeted when I compiled the dll's, it's not enough to set the target platform in the Build properties of each Project,
(3) make sure to set the Output Path in the Build properties of each Project accordingly to match the folder structure you downloaded each project to on your PC.
(4) pin to start! Following these tips, I was able to run the Demo App standalone with no issues and with comparable performance on W8 to match that of Windows 7.

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