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I have to recognize Sacha Barber whose CodeProject article informed my work the support for ScrollViewers:
Thanks Sacha for the great article regarding how ScrollViewers/Scrollbars are structured!

Also, I must recognize Bart De Smet from Microsoft for his concept of MinLINQ ( which insipired my thoughts on the IParent interface. It struck me that I could likely benefit from creating methods in the interface similar (at a high-level) to the Ana (generate), Bind, and Cata (map/reduce) methods of Bart's MinLINQ, and that's the path that I have gone down. Because, when you think about it, every composite is like an IEnumerable over a set of UI Elements, so the bare minimum you'd need to implement LINQ-to-Composite-Child-UI-Elements would be Ana, Bind, and Cata :-)

Credit to Sam Jackson for his Trampoline blog post and code here which I may use in part inside a new stack-friendly recursion helper that I may write for recursing controls (to enable CSS-like Selectors):

Credit to Marlon Smith for giving me the trick for displaying the non-modal dialog via a Canvas, Z-Index and Attached properties.

I would like to recognize Xceed for their generous contribution of the DataGrid to the free, open-source Extended WPF Toolkit™ Community Edition here:
I am not affiliated with Xceed in any way other than as a fan. I've heard good reviews of their WPF DataGrid and so I decided to include their open-source version in the WPF Composites demo app. I use this DataGrid, in particular, to display examples leveraging DataSets rather than Composites since WPF Composites need not be used everywhere or for every case. One might also consider that DataSet column values are typically scalar/atomic rather than composite?

Kudos to Josh Smith for the Thriple Project which I incorporated support for (the ContentControl3D IParent.) This codeplex project is available here;

Also, a special Thank You to Syncfusion regarding their Metro Studio for providing free "flat-design-style" icons:

I would like to recognize the following post for inspiring my work on the class DependencyEventListener and the class ValueChangedEventArgs.

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