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Known Issues

I am unaware of any major bugs besides the horizontal scrolling repaint issue with the DataGrid. See special notes here: DataGrid.

I did run across some strange behavior recently with three flatgeometrybuttons added to a horizontal stackpanel followed by a Label. This seemed to cause an issue with the GetChildFromParent method. There may possibly be too much indirection within this method? To fix it, I merely added the Label first at 0,0 and that seemed to resolve it. In this method, I likely retrieve the handle to a child, composite, and/or parent via the WPF Visual Tree with too much indirection and too many assumptions, I believe. Whereas, in other cases I retrieve directly for the ChildLookupDictionary, which may likely be a more reliable approach. In the above example, the ChildLookupDictionary seemed fine when I viewed it in the debugger. So, when in doubt, if there is an issue, retrieve directly from the GetChildLookupDictionary method as a workaround.

There also was that WindowsFormHost memory leak issue which seems to have been related to the host control itself and unrelated to WPF-CPS. Just keep in mind to Dispose of this control properly?

Please notify me via the People tab and/or post on the Issues page if you run into any problems.

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