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Image Flipper


WPF-CPS provides an Image Flipper similar to what you see on many websites. It will cycle thru up to three images. The user may click on one of up to three small circles to stop the animation and then toggle between the images manually.

This example is for the 2-image flipper above. It is taken from the C# Demo App.

.AddExisting<Border, StackPanel>(0, 2, 
ImageFlipper.CreateImageFlipper(300D, 207D, 1750D, 
new Thickness(10), Brushes.Black, 
new Thickness(3), Brushes.Silver, 
new Thickness(2), Brushes.White, 
@"pack://siteoforigin:,,,/Images/Bldgs1.jpg", UriKind.Absolute, @"pack://siteoforigin:,,,/Images/Bldgs2.jpg", UriKind.Absolute, 
13D, new Thickness(4, 0, 4, 0), 
Brushes.LightGray, Brushes.Khaki))

Note that you may add an inner Border and outer Border on the Image Flipper. You also have control over the color for the circles (including highlight color) and the color for the background.

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